16 DA members defect to ANC

M Mothapo

Speaker, 16 members of the Democratic Alliance in the Western Cape defected to the ruling party on Monday 9 November 2015. The DA leaders in the West Coast's Matzikama region are so tired of being misled by the DA and are promising to even bring many more of their unhappy former colleagues over to the ANC. These former constituency officers swopped their blue DA T-shirts for the yellow of the ANC as they embraced a "brighter future".

One of the DA leaders in that region William Nutt not only rejected the DA but also apologised for the suffering he helped bring to farm workers in the Boland under the DA banner. Another leader, Berty Jones said the DA has taken farm workers for fools. According to them there is no growth for poor black people in the DA and there is no acknowledgement given to their cultures.

The ANC welcomes in its ranks these members who realised that their trust in the DA was misplaced and that the ANC was their only political home. After considering the future of this country, these members felt they could no longer effectively contribute unless they joined a party that was going to help the country achieve its potential.


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