Alleged zero-rating on books

9 November 2010

The DA`s public announcement, claiming that the parliamentary finance portfolio committee is considering a budget amendment to remove value added tax on books, is inaccurate and was done to deliberately mislead. Surely parliament cannot "consider" something that it has never discussed.

The proposal for zero-rating on books was indeed tabled before the committee for consideration by the DA, but it was neither discussed nor decided upon.

Instead, the matter was forwarded to the national treasury for a comprehensive research to determine its feasibility and the impact it would have on the national fiscus if implemented. Once the treasury has completed the research exercise and established facts, the committee will then discuss and decide accordingly.

The DA`s Wilmot James and Deon George have conveniently elected to underplay this important fact in their misguided media pronouncements. It is unadulterated political posturing of the worst kind.

The ANC recognises the importance of increased access to books; hence government is, amongst other initiatives, providing free learning materials at primary education level. We will continue to seek practical and feasible solutions to ensure that books become more accessible to the nation. That we will keep on doing without playing to the gallery.

Issued by
The Office of the ANC Chief Whip
ANC Parliamentary Caucus
Parliament of the Republic of SA
Cape Town, 8000

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