The ANC calls for urgent mediation to end Russia Vs Ukraine War

D Moela (Physical)

The ANC is committed in  advancing  the cause of development, world peace, disarmament and environmentally sustainable development in line with the Freedom Charter, which assert that “There shall be peace and friendship”. We therefore call for mediation and engagement to end the war unfolding between Russia and Ukraine, and avoid further violence and death in the area. We call for parties to devote increased efforts to diplomacy and to find a solution that will help de-escalate tensions and avert armed conflict.

We are concerned about results and the impact of what the armed conflict will bring about in human suffering, destruction of infrastructure as well as devastating effect on the economy not only in Ukraine but on the whole world. This will affect financial markets and invoke inflationary fears across the world, which has not yet recovered from the economic fallout from Covid-19 pandemic. We urge the United Nations Security Council to find a lasting solution to this conflict and ease the tension between the two countries.