ANC Caucus Statement on City Press Article

28 August 2006

The ANC National Executive Committee in May called on all cadres of our movement to intensify the effort to build and strengthen the ANC as a people`s movement at the forefront of the struggle for a united, non-sexist and democratic South Africa.

ANC cadres have a responsibility to observe and uphold the organisational discipline of the ANC, and to safeguard the values and principles of the liberation movement.

Accordingly, the ANC Parliamentary Caucus has consistently urged particularly its members of Parliament to act as unifiers of the organisation to ensure that any emergence of malicious claims against the leadership of the movement is defeated.

Essentially, this serves to discourage deliberate propagation of falsehoods and misinformation by faceless sources in the media to pursue narrow individual ends. Regrettably, whenever such acts emerge, they engender uncertainty, suspicion and certain levels of mistrust among comrades and it impacts grossly on the unsuspecting members of the movement.

It is in this vein that the ANC Caucus condemns with the deserved contempt flagrant fabrications relating to the content of discussion of last week`s Caucus meeting by sources purporting to be members of the Caucus.

The meeting and discussion document referred to in the City Press article cannot be entertained due to the confidential nature of Caucus discussions. We nevertheless find the preposterous tale narrated by the faceless sources not only highly misleading but nonsensical.

We reiterate for the record that the entire Caucus firmly support the entire leadership collective of the ANC, which is led by President Thabo Mbeki. Under no circumstance this support should be construed as supporting one leader against any other leader of the movement.

No amount of malice and fiction peddling shall deviate us from this principled position of the movement.

Issued by the ANC Parliamentary Caucus