ANC Caucus statement on Constituency Work

8 April 2006

Constituency periods afford MPs an opportunity to update communities they represent on Parliament’s legislative outcomes and assist in the enhancement of government services through a continuous interactive process with the people.

In the next three weeks of the current constituency season, ANC public representatives will tirelessly continue to monitor and facilitate the functioning and resourcing of Ward Committees and other support mechanism necessary for the success of local government in achieving its mandate of fast tracking service delivery to all South Africans. This is in line with the NEC’s declaration of 2006 as the “Year of Mobilisation for People’s Power Through Democratic Local Government”.

The ANC MPs will also, in line with the movement’s Constituency Work Programme, work towards translating into practice activities to oversee the government programme to realise the objectives of Vision 2014, as reflected in our last national conference’s resolutions and the 2004 and 2006 manifestos. Members will also actively play a role in the implementation of the ANC plan to make local government work better for people and assist in ensuring that the ANC Councillors observe the Code of Conduct.

ANC Members will also, among others, brief communities on issues relating to legislature and governance and ASGI-SA through the continuous method of door-to-door.

Members will at the conclusion of the constituency work on April 28, account in form of a detailed report, for their activities during the period.

The African National Congress Parliamentary Caucus wishes well all hundreds of cadres countrywide currently involved in this Parliamentary programme which is at the core of the movement’s concerted quest for efficient service delivery to millions of Sh Africans.

We also extend our best wishes to all South Africans during the upcoming Easter holidays.

Issued by the ANC Parliamentary Caucus

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"The Year Of Mobilisation For People`s Power Through Democratic Local Government"