ANC Caucus statement on floor crossing

30 August 2005

The ANC Parliamentary Caucus has been observing with keen interest the public debate and political skirmishes within some political parties pertaining to the scheduled floor crossing period.

We would like to express our disgust at the underhand tactics being employed by some political parties aimed at barring their members from joining other parties. This infringes on the fundamental constitutional rights of individuals to join any political party of their choice.

Some parties have also sought to shelve the so-called potential floor-crossing suspects until the expiry of the 15-day window period while some have forced them into amoral contracts.

These illicit actions feed into political immaturity and are an attempt to defeat the very legislation passed through popular vote.

We urge political parties to act with restraint and desist from hassling this free and fair democratic process

The arms of the tried and tested liberation movement, the ANC, would be widely opened to any member willing to join in the implementation of the visions of the Freedom Charter of creating jobs and fighting poverty.

For more information contact:

Mpho Lekgoro [Caucus Spokesperson]
083 255 8118

Moloto Mothapo [Head of Media & Communications]
082 370 6930