ANC condemns 'barbaric' assault on Abigail Kubeka

The ANC condemns in the strongest possible terms the assault of the multiple award-winning actress and musician Abigail Khubeka by a Soweto taxi driver recently. The driver of a minibus taxi hit the legendary Kubeka in her face and mouth leaving her with visible black marks on the face, after their cars had bumped into each. It is believed Mrs Kubeka was attacked while trying to apologise to the taxi driver after the accident.

Kubeka is known for her career that has spanned decades, as she moved between jazz singing and acting roles which earned her a Lifetime Achievement Award at the South African Film and Television Awards. As the ANC we strongly condemn any acts of violence against women especially in this callous and dehumanising manner. This incident happens while there is an outcry in the country of violence against women, often described as a 'war on women'. The ANC calls upon on law enforcement agencies to act without fear or favor to bring the perpetrators to book.