ANC congratulates PYA for successes in recent SRC Elections

Tseke G

The African National Congress congratulates the Progressive Youth Alliance under the banner of SASCO for their performance in the Student Representative Council Elections recently held in various campuses throughout the country. The results have sent an unequivocal message that students remain unwavering in their support for the Mass Democratic Movement, and continue to have confidence in the PYA and SASCO in particular to deliver on their very vocally expressed aspirations.

While many laudable successes have been achieved by the PYA in numerous universities, the winning back of the Fort Hare University by SASCO, following a short stint of the opposition at the helm, is of particular significance. The ANC calls upon the Progressive Youth Alliance to not take these victories for granted but to redouble their efforts to service of the student population, remaining grounded in their struggles and leading from the front in all matters affecting the student population. Now is the time to accelerate "unity for democracy in education" to realise the vision of a non-sexist, non-racial, working class biased and democratic education system.