ANC welcomes eight former KwaZulu-Natal DA members

The eight former DA members in KwaZulu-Natal who recently joined the African National Congress admitted that the party has no proper policy direction and racism is alive and rife within the DA. A former member of the DA PEC, a Ward Councillor and several former DA branch chairpersons are among the group that was inducted by ANC in KZN last Thursday.

The developments in the DA leading to the recent exodus of resignations have actually been an indication that the party is collapsing and had lost its relevance. It is high time that the liberals who believed that the DA belonged to them and that it was their only political platform from which to express themselves and their views, do proper introspection. The ANC welcomes these developments. Clearly people have realised that the ANC is a vehicle through which they could realise a better South Africa for all. We welcome the new members to the only political party that could play a leading role in the transformation of South African society.