Apartheid flag has no place in new SA

J Tshabalala

The African National Congress condemns the racist behaviour and the arrogant display of the Apartheid Flag by the Deputy CEO of Afriforum, Ernst Roets, in his twitter post recently. We are also disappointed with AfriForum's decision to oppose the Nelson Mandela Foundation's court application to have Roets declared in contempt of court. Roets displayed this flag just hours after Deputy Judge President of the Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg, Phineas Mojapelo, ruled that the "gratuitous" display of the flag amounted to hate speech.

We believe that this kind of racist behaviour displays apartheid fascism and white supremacy, which makes a mockery of the national reconciliation project. Hate has no place in our democratic country. Indeed the continuous display of this flag by some people brings back painful memories. It is true that under this flag, black South Africans were impoverished and stripped of their self-esteem, dignity and humanity. The South African Human Rights Commission's Anti-Racism Pledge calls for all of us to build a South Africa free of racism and hate speech and reject the intolerance of all forms of discrimination.

I thank you