Award To Dr Vanga Siwisa

24 October 2006

This is a statement to honour Dr Vanga Siwisa. We in the ANC wish to congratulate Dr Vanga Siwisa, who has won the prestigious Pierre Jacques Rural Doctor of the Year Award from the Rural Doctors Association of South Africa. Recognising the dire need for health care for people in the rural areas of our country, Dr Vanga Siwisa sacrificed a comfortable lifestyle and a busy practice in Randfontein to help set up an outpost clinic at Taung. This has resulted in thousands of people from all around the Taung to access health facilities. These efforts did not go unnoticed.

The ANC continues to work tirelessly for the provision of primary health care in the rural areas, by amongst others, eradicating the backlog in health services and improving the reliability of doctors and nurses in remote areas of our country.

However, we recognise that the success of this campaign to encourage health care professionals to go the rural areas of our country will not succeed if we do not work with the sector itself. The ANC will continuously work with our people in an effort to bring back a better life for all and urges other health care professionals to emulate this shining example of Dr Siwisa. I thank you.

ANC Member of Parliament

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