Cabinet reshuffle speculations

26 October 2010

The Office of the ANC Chief Whip has noted with grave concern the ongoing spate of `cabinet reshuffle` speculations in the media, targeted particularly at certain individual ministers.

We view the speculations as mischievous as they seek to unfairly cast doubt on the competence of those executive members and undermine the confidence the public have in them.

Campaigning for the removal of anyone in the mass media, without any factual basis, is unhelpful. If anything, it might only serve to weaken their morale and cause unnecessary anxiety amongst the support staff within the departments they head. The losers in this regard would be the masses of our people who rely on these departments for daily delivery of quality services.

We call upon all the members of the executive to ignore these meaningless speculations and continue to focus their attention on their departmental mandates.

The ANC in Parliament reaffirms its confidence in the capability of the entire executive under the able leadership of President Jacob Zuma.

Issued by
The Office of the ANC Chief Whip
ANC Parliamentary Caucus
Parliament of the Republic of South Africa
Cape Town

Moloto Mothapo 082 370 6930