Caucus statement on theft at MPs villages

21 September 2005

The ANC Parliamentary Caucus regrets the spate of burglaries at parliamentary residential villages, occurring mostly during the period when Members are on constituency work.

We are dismayed at the sorry state of safety and security at residences of public representatives.

The burglaries at residences of the three ANC MPs, in Acasia Park over the weekend are extremely regrettable. Items stolen include entertainment and office equipments.

One of the three victims is the recently appointed National Assembly House Chairperson Obed Bapela, who was in Zambia on official duty when this unfortunate incident happened.

His house was ransacked, and a fax machine and entertainment systems were stolen.

We condemn the sluggish response by the Goodwood police to these incidents. It took more than 24 hours before the officers could arrive at Bapela`s house. This is unacceptable as it undermines the good reputation being built tirelessly by thousands of dedicate police officers across the country.

The Caucus will be monitoring the situation closely, to ensure that culprits are taken to book.