Celebrating the life of Oliver Tambo

October 27 2019 marks the 102nd birthday of fallen former ANC leader, Oliver Reginald Tambo who was born in the rural town of Mbizana, Eastern Cape on 27 October 1917.  Cde OR is a founder member and secretary of the ANC Youth League in 1944; the general secretary of the ANC from 1952; the mandated leader of the ANC’s Mission in Exile 1960; the President of the ANC from 1977 until 1990 and then ANC National Chairperson until his death, in 1993. His life was remarkable for the profound influence he had on the ANC during the difficult years of uncertainty, loneliness and homesickness in exile.

Cde OR Tambo will always be remembered for his simplicity, his nurturing style and his genuine respect for all the people. For almost half-a-century he stood out as a defining player in terms of the construction of the relationship described by the respective evolutions of the ANC and South Africa. As the African National Congress we salute this African giant, this true son of the soil and one of the most substantial leaders our revolution ever produced. The ANC believes that, all of us, Black and White owe our democracy and the societal progress from Apartheid to a democratic South Africa substantially to O.R. Tambo.

I thank