Chairperson's Opening and Welcoming Remarks to the last ANC Parliamentary Caucus

9 December 2021

Good morning comrades and welcome once more to our last Caucus of the eventful 2021.

As the two Houses rise for the constituency period and the December vacation, we look back with great sense of pride for the humility with which we have accepted our setbacks in different fronts.

This humility should inspire us to draw lessons of the past as we brace ourselves for the battles ahead in 2022 and beyond. The renewed democratic mandate of the ANC by our people in the decisive majority of the municipal councils across the country leave with no choice but to claim the future of South Africa together with our people;

We do this not out of sheer arrogance, but because of the squabbling an imminent disintegration of the coalition of forces that has ganged up against us in some metropolitan and municipal councils. As the days pass by, it becomes abundantly clear that their victory is short lived. This is however, not given, but an outcome of disciplined struggles to reclaim the lost grounds.

As the comrades may be aware, the President of the African National Congress has dedicated time out of his tight schedule on the official visit to West Africa to join this Caucus and address us. This official visit by the President to West Africa should be appreciated as part of the critical task of consolidating the trade and political unity of Africa.

Comrades, we are equally saddened to announce the passing away of two of the distinguished stalwarts of our movement, the late comrade Ebrahim Mohammed Ebrahim and comrade Lindiwe Mabuza. These are our stalwarts who served our movement in different capacities and dedicated their entire lives to the struggle of liberation.

It is therefore fitting that, in their honour we stand up, and observe a moment of silence.

Thank you

Without much ado comrades, allow me to give over to the President to outline the battle orders for the coming period ahead.

Thank you, over to you President.