The Commencement Of The World Economic Forum For Africa Summit

14 June 2007

Deputy Speaker, the theme of the World Economic Forum for Africa Summit that commenced yesterday is: "Raising the Bar". I think that however triggers the question that, in whose interests is Africa raising the bar? Whilst Africa has been experiencing a positive growth, there is also another persistent burning question which every able and concerned African within the continent and the Diaspora should help answer. And that question is: Is Africa on cause in reversing economic marginalisation?

Deputy Speaker, allow me to just remind this Parliament about many unfulfilled promises of the previous G8 summit - a very painful thorn in the African flesh. However, time has come for us as Africans to provide leadership in defining programmes that will arise out of this summit. In keeping with the strong drive for reversal of economic marginalisation, I trust that our South African delegates will make significant contributions, especially on identified priorities, including genuine economic partnerships, enhancement of investment climate, intensively focus on the African market itself, boosting competitiveness of Africa and accelerating social infrastructure.

Lastly, shall we all wish the summit a resounding success for a better Africa for all? I thank you.


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