Cosmo City-New Schools

5 June 2007

Thank you, Deputy Speaker. Three new schools, namely two primaries and a high school opened their doors to learners in January this year in Cosmo City in the northern part of Johannesburg. The schools were formally handed over to the Gauteng Department of Education on 26 April 2007.

These three schools are well equipped and produce learners who will make their mark in our country. The facilities provided include school halls, sports fields and tennis courts, amongst others.

Cosmo City is a product of the Department of Housing`s Breaking New Ground policy, which directs that all new human settlements should not consist of just homes, but at simultaneously with the construction of homes should be the provision of the necessary social and economic infrastructure, so as to ensure the creation of vibrant and sustainable suburbs.

We congratulate the Department of Education on the speed at which they have opened the first three schools. A further three schools are under construction and will be opened in 2008. We would call on all other government departments, be they national, provincial or local to ensure that they provide the necessary infrastructure that is required in Cosmo City and all other new human settlements. I thank you.


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