The DA’s Devolution (Decentralization) Plan For The Western Cape

N P Peacock

The DA’s formation of a Western Cape Devolution Working Group to provide for Premiers to call provincial referendums, can only be termed “serious delusions of grandeur”!

They argue that the devolution will massively improve the lives of all those who live in the province, especially the poor, but we believe that this call is part of an elitist and first step towards Western Cape secession.

If we look at those who participated in its inaugural meeting, it tells another story. One of them AfriForum has been harshly criticised by the Constitutional Court for advancing exclusionary claims rooted in racism, the ACDP are openly homophobic and has endorsed outlandish ideas about Covid-19 vaccines and CIP falsely claim on its website that section 235 of the South African Constitution “recognises and guarantees” the right of self-determination for recognised communities “within a territorial entity in the Republic”. Section 235 in fact states that the “South African people as a whole” enjoys a right to self-determination.

We urge the DA to rather focus on serving the neglected poorer communities in the Western Cape, level the playing fields and work towards inclusionary practices that benefit all the people in the Province.