DA Haemorrhaging Black Members

It would appear that the Democratic Alliance which proclaims to be a party "building a future based on freedom, fairness, opportunity and diversity for all" has cleary veered away from its lofty pronouncement with a slew of black members leaving its ranks. The latest member to resign from the DA is the party's former leader in the Northern Cape, Andrew Louw, who is also a former member of the National Assembly, arguing that he can "no longer identify with the party." This view was also shared by the former DA leader in the Free State Patricia Kopane who also recently resigned from the DA.

Louw alleges that as a provincial leader, he would charge both black and white people, but only cases of black people would be taken up for disciplinary processes. He alleged "the charges" of white party members "would disappear in the middle of nowhere".
Other leaders who recently quit the party over unhappiness around its current political direction and identity include Makashule Gana, Mbali Ntuli, Bongani Baloyi, Phumzile Van Damme and Abel Tau.

As the ANC, we do not seek to instruct other parties how to run their party, and we are not swayed by the words or positions these parties take in claiming to build a non-racist and equal South Africa, when in actual fact, they practice the opposite. They show their hands in tokenism and window dressing when it comes to these matters but are soon exposed for what they truly stand for, and that is preserving the privilege of their white constituency.