DA votes against Zandspruit Housing Development in Gauteng

M Kubayi

The ANC welcomes the decision of the City of Johannesburg to soon launch a massive development project in the informal settlement of Zandspruit, West of Johannesburg.

This see an estimated 15 000 shacks developed into a formal settlement to consist of more than 7 000 brick and mortar housing units.

This progressive decision was endorsed by the City of Johannesburg's monthly council meeting last week. As the ANC, we commend this move because for too long the people of Zandspruit have been complaining about their squalid living conditions and even embarked on protests to demonstrate their frustrations.

We applaud the ANC-led City of Johannesburg for showing that they are a government that listens and concretely responds to the concerns of their own Citizens. We are confident that this project will change the lives of the people of the Zandspruit for the better.

However, we wish to bring it to the attention of the people of South Africa that the racist DA in the City of Johannesburg voted against this, with its councillors claiming that the City had to solicit funding from the Gauteng Provincial government and that it was not interest of the city to go ahead with the project.

We are disappointed but not surprised by this stance from the DA because they are a party that does not believe in providing decent and dignified facilities for the black and poor. They tried with Cosmo City and the Corridors of Freedom and failed dismally. Just look around the townships around Cape Town where they govern and they think they can import this Johannesburg.

That will never happen under the ANC's watch and the people of Zandspruit and the country at large are now beginning to see the DA who they are.

I thank you.