DA votes for controversial Clifton beach development

F Adams

ANC is disappointed by the DA led Cape Town City council, which recently voted overwhelmingly in favour of a multimillion-rand development of land between Clifton and Camps Bay, despite strong opposition from all other parties. It is not true what the mayor is saying when she claims that the City had listened carefully to inputs from extensive public-participation processes.

We believe strongly that the mayor of Cape Town is helping already-rich developers to accumulate wealth at the expense of the poor. She has shown her loyalty to the wealthy by running to Clifton to meet with the developers' intent on plundering public resources. This project also does not enjoy the support of ratepayers in Clifton and Camps Bay.

The mayor also takes the limited access that working families from the Cape Flats have to the Atlantic Seaboard. This time it was not only ANC councillors who objected to the development but all opposition parties challenged the mayor on public participation, saying the DA excluded the poor by rushing to tick boxes, releasing adverts with big words on billboards and also in newspapers. We still insist that all the concerned parties must be represented from the beginning in a transparent participation.

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