DA`s insinuation that AG misled public in his reports outrageous

27 November 2013

The DA continues to expose its political gimmicks and naivety when it fails to understand that government is elected to work to serve our people. It is in a normal course of the business of government to engage in business trips, accommodations and flights, etc. In this regard, it is expected that government will attend to government business in parliament, in constituencies and in interacting with civil society. It does this within the context of approved expenditure as per the appropriation process which involves all elected parties in the various legislatures including the DA. Whatever expenditures that are incurred are scutinised by parliament to ensure that they fall within appropriated approvals. Having been part of the parliamentary processes that appropriates, DA has opprtunistically chosen to use regular expenditure for ridiculous political point scoring. Its statement defeats common sense.

We condemn in the strongest terms the insinuation by the DA that the AG has misled the public in his reports regarding government expenditure. The office of the AG has consistently provided the public with impeccable and factual statistics regarding government management of public funds. The DA must not draw this important chapter 9 institution into its political gimmicks.

We can only conclude that this is nothing but a disperate attempt to divert the nation`s attention from their embarrassing indecisiveness on the equity legislations. Such tactic won`t work.


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