Declaration by the ANC Chief Whip, Nathi Mthethwa, on Resolution on Resignation of President

23 September 2008

Honourable Members should note that the decision to recall the President has been one the most difficult decisions we have ever had to take in the history of the ANC.

The ANC is fully cognisant of the fact that the decision comes with a degree of pain to the President of the Republic, his family, friends, members of the ANC, ordinary South Africans and members of the international community.

We recognise that Comrade Mbeki is a longstanding member of the ANC and has dedicated his efforts to the service of our country. Accordingly, the decision to recall him could only be taken after thorough consideration of the challenges and had to be taken with the best interests of the country at heart.

Yesterday the President of the ANC, Comrade Jacob Zuma said, "the country needs a strong and united ruling party at the helm of government, capable of galvanising support for the government's development agenda."

"As the ruling party we need to sustain the confidence of our people in the ANC and its government."

All of us have a responsibility to appreciate the cooperation of Comrade Mbeki and the dignified manner with which he has conducted himself during this difficult situation. It is for this reason that we take pride on the calibre of leaders that we have produced as the ANC. Leaders who place the interest of the organisation and the country before their personal preferences.

It is in the interest of the country to conclude this matter speedily. This House has a responsibility to ensure that this happens.

Thank you