Descecrated Mulsim graves in Cape Town

The ANC is deeply concerned regarding the recent desecration of at least 70 graves and tombstones at the Mowbray Muslim Cemetery. This act of intolerance and disrespect amongst our religious communities was not what we envisioned when we spoke of building a democratic South Africa, with moral values which spoke directly to the spiritual philosophy of Ubuntu/Botho.

The Muslim Judicial Council has called the attack on the gravesites a deliberate act of Islamophobia which has traumatised members of the Muslim community. Families whose loved ones have been buried in this cemetery, were urged to come forward and identify their graves. What is even more disturbing is that the headstones that were removed, were placed in the formation of a cross towards the top end of the burial sites.

We condemn any acts of intolerance of and between religious communities. We also remember the words of Madiba, where he recalled that major sections of the religious community were deeply involved in the struggle, which brought us political liberation. He pointed out that this sense of communal solidarity is as important today as it ever was during the struggle for liberation, as we are now faced with what is in reality an even greater challenge to bring social transformation, reconstruction and development to our country.