Development Fund For Women

24 October 2006

This statement is on the women`s fund. The ANC supports the resolution taken by the recently held women`s conference to explore the establishment of developmental women`s fund and strengthened initiatives such as the Malibongwe project to assist with creating an enabling environment for those women at the bottom end of the economy. Women, particularly in the rural still face serious difficulties on issues such as access to credit.

South Africa, the continent and the world over could not realise their full potential, unless and until women were placed at the centre of developmental efforts. As members of the ANC, we came clearly to define the emancipation of women, as an inherent, inalienable and defining feature of our struggle for national liberation.

Thus we arrived at a firm determination that our freedom could never be complete, unless it involves the emancipation of the women of our country. We urge the government to explore the possibility of financing the fund, along the Umsobomvu Youth Fund. Thank you.

ANC Member of Parliament

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