Discrimination against African Nationals in Ukraine

The ANC condemns any form of discrimination and none more so, during a time of war and strife. We are extremely aggrieved by the reports emanating from the Ukraine border of mistreatment and discrimination not only of African nationals trying to flee Ukraine but also citizens from India and the Middle East. Many of these nationals, mostly students, have been refused the right to cross the border to safety and have accused Ukrainian security forces of racially profiling them, and of stopping them from getting on trains.

Through social media, videos have been circulating showing officials threatening African students and chasing groups of people. Many of them were shown wandering around an empty railway station after being refused entry to board the trains transporting Ukrainian citizens. One could go further to analyse the double standards in the media coverage of the crisis in Ukraine in comparison to devastation in other regions such as Africa and the Middle East. The remarks by journalists referring to Ukraine as a “relatively civilised city” which is not a “place like Iraq or Afghanistan” only serves to heighten the racist narrative.

As the ANC we call for an end to this kind of discrimination, an end to this violence and bloodshed and for peace to prevail.