East London does its bit for the environment: GT Snell

17 November 2011

The ANC welcomes the contribution of the East London Metro in the fight against climate change, in making use of trains instead of trucks to transport waste to its main landfill site, which is situated about 30km outside East London on the way to King Williamstown.

Furthermore the Metro plans to reduce waste trucks schedule of going to the landfills daily, and moreover the Metro has contracted Metrorail trains to carry most of the waste to the Berlin landfill, as well as the processing of implementing the Bus Rapid Transit system in the Metro, with the hope of reducing the number of vehicles on the roads by encouraging passengers to use buses.

The ANC believes that this initiative will go a long way in mitigating the impact on global warming and climate change, and encourages other metros and provinces to follow the example of using alternative transport so as to minimize the emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.