Entrepreneurship key to boosting jobs: B Radebe

17 November 2011

The ANC believes that the development of entrepreneurs still remains one of the key ways to boost job creation, and can help government reach its target of creating five million jobs by 2020. Thus, the ANC supports the Trade and Industry outreach campaign, "aking the dti to the people", which was outlined by Deputy Trade and Industry (dti) Minister Elizabeth Thabethein Douglas in the Northern Cape, on Thursday, 03 November 2011

She articulated that the campaign aims to reinforce ANC Government`s commitment to empower rural and peri-urban communities so as to fast-track job creation. Thus, the Trade and Industry therefore was keen to educate small business owners as well as those aspiring to be entrepreneurs about business opportunities, products and responsibilities. At the campaign small business owners and entrepreneurs were given workshops on how to start, register, grow and sustain their businesses.

This campaign is part and parcel of the ANC resolution of the education of our people in entrepreneurial skills, the provision of financial support and training to small businesses and should be taken to other provinces as well.