Environmental Impact Assessment - by C Morkel

6 November 2007

The African National Congress led government is committed to ensuring that development strategies incorporate environmental consequences in the course of planning. Measures such as land reform, provision of basic infrastructure, housing and targeted rural assistance {including extension services} and the maintenance of food security should ultimately reduce pressure on the natural environment. 

 South Africa is hosting the first regional International Association for Impact Assessment {IAIA} conference in Somerset West.

The Environmental Impact Assessment {EAI} is carried out when developers wish to make use of areas that may be considered environmentally or ecologically sensitive. This can include the development of wetlands, breeding areas or the habitats of protected species for activities such as residential developments, mining and works.

This conference is particularly targeted at the Southern African Development Community {SADC} countries and has also attracted delegates from countries such as Ghana in the West Africa and Kenya in the East Africa.

The African National Congress salutes this initiative and endorses efforts aimed at preserving natural diversity for the benefit of future generations.
I thank you.

ANC Member of Parliament

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