Federation of Churches supports formation of the National Interfaith Leaders Council

28 August 2009

The International Federation of Christian Churches (IFCC) today endorsed at its annual conference the formation of the National Interfaith Leaders Council (NILC).

The programme of the conference involved a review of the state of the nation, and  requested Rev. Ray McCauley, the Convenor of NILC, to explain to the delegates the  rationale behind this new religious body, and its mission of partnership with Government on social delivery programmes.

“Our membership noted the great responsibility of trust placed on Rev McCauley by President Jacob Zuma in the partnership that has been established between Government and NILC, and committed to support him,’ said Pastor Chris Venter, the General Secretary of the IFCC.

The IFCC, of which Rev McCauley is president, represents about 400 Pentecostal and Charismatic churches from across the country and in the SADC region. Church leaders at the meeting expressed the view that the need for a more service-oriented inclusive national body that can unlock the potential that faith-based organisations posses through their networks and resources, has been apparent for some time.

The IFCC said it fully supports Rev McCauley in his efforts to get the Church in large more involved in social responsibility projects. Rhema Bible Church, of which he is the Senior Pastor, runs a variety of social responsibility projects through its Hands of Compassion programme and the IFCC believes some of the models can be replicated by interested religious groups. “The capacity Rhema has built in this area of church work can benefit many of our brothers and sisters. It is in this light that we appreciate Rev McCauley´s involvement with NILC and his desire to share with others what has worked for him and his organization,’ said the IFCC.

Issued by:
Pastor Chris Venter
General Secretary, IFCC
Contact: 0823354299