First smartphone manufacturer in KZN will create more jobs in SA

In its election manifesto launch in January 2019, the ANC admitted that the most pressing task for our country at this moment in our history is to set the economy on a higher path of shared growth and transform the structure of our economy to provide opportunities for millions of South Africans. The ANC therefore believs the launch of Mara Phone’s first cellphone manufacturing plant in South Africa is one of the efforts to revive the country’s economy and create much-needed employment. This is expected to create hundreds of high-skilled direct jobs and thousands of indirect jobs. It will also contribute to the transfer of technology and high-tech knowledge in South Africa.

The new plant of Africa's first smartphone manufacturer, Mara, was launched by President Ramaphosa in Durban on Thursday, 17 October 2019, a week after its flagship factory was opened in Rwanda. Thousands of Mara Phones are expected to be manufactured at the plant. The production is expected to serve the domestic market as well as the regional market, especially the SADC region, contributing to strategies that position South Africa as the gateway to Africa.