German business people express confidence in South Africa

N Koornhof

Speaker, German business people expressed their confidence in South Africa and their eagerness to support South Africa's Enterprise Supplier Development and Skills Development Programme.

This will benefit SSMEs that are in clusters, innovative and export orientated. Furthermore the amended Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Codes of Good Practice are also prioritising the promotion of Supply Development and Skills Development.

Underpinning the confidence of German business Mr Matthias Boddenberg said they "are in support of the government's policy of Black Industrialists" and are committed to implementing it. Surely fellow South African business people we can show at least as much confidence in our own country as the Germans already have shown. Germany has already invested R62.91 billion creating nearly 20 000 jobs, in projects all over South Africa.

Among the companies present during Minister Davies engagement with them in Germany was Siemans, Bilfinger SE Power System, Airbus Ds GmbH, Robert Bosch, the German African Business Association and the SA-German Chamber of Commerce.

I thank you