Health Services

13 October 2005

Acting Deputy Speaker, the struggle to provide a better life for all continues. This struggle encompasses the ANC government’s consistent efforts to provide quality and affordable health services.

The challenges facing our health services should not be used by the DA to cloud the huge and meritorious success we have scored in providing a better health care system to all. The DA is in a crisis – an irreversible crisis. It will stop at nothing to cling on, especially after its dramatic losses during the floor-crossing period.

The ANC is proud of the good work done by the staff that work daily in hospitals and clinics to save the lives of our people. We are certain that the health workers will not be demoralised by the hollow cries of those like the DA who do nothing practical to address the challenges our country faces.

The ANC calls on all people, governments, business and civil society to continue to unite in a people’s contract to strive progressively the quality of our health care system. I thank you.

ANC Member of Parliament

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