Investment Project creates jobs in Babelegi

M Mpane - Mohorosi

The ANC welcomes the recent launch of a R500 million investment project in Babelegi, Hammanskaraal by Nestle. This project includes amongst other things, the construction of a 16 000 square metre factory for the manufacturing of cereals. Moreover the Babelegi investment alone has created over 130 permanent jobs as well as 300 indirect jobs over a 20-month period during the construction phase.

The two new production sites of Nestle in Babelegi will be for the manufacturing of the company`s breakfast cereals, and the addition of new production lines.

This undertaking reflects the ANC Government‘s resolve to deepen and strengthen the presence of agro-processing in South Africa. Thus this investment represents one of the few investment opportunities undertaken recently in South Africa by a global multinational company in the agro-processing area.

The ANC applauds the Nestle group for its show of confidence in the South African economy and for its continuous investment in South Africa, in line with its long term commitment to business sustainability, growth and economic development. This will add more value and play a significant role in food security in South Africa and the rest of world.