Jobs for Youth

J Tshabalala

The ANC welcomes the recent institution of the Gauteng Youth Employment Strategy and the Township Enterprise Hub as a job creation project. In particular, the Township Enterprise Hub (TEH) seeks to promote youth-owned enterprises and services and increase the participation of youth in the economy.

Areas where the TEH projects will be constructed will include Sebokeng, Sharpeville, Kagiso and Katlehong. Each hub will host three clusters of work, namely, (1) automotive –such as body repairs, spray painting, wheel and tyre fitment, general motor repair and car spares, (2) general services, such as car washes, hair salons, laundromats and internet cafes and (3) light manufacturing, which will include furniture, cleaning chemicals and clothing textiles.

The Gauteng Youth Placement Programme will also focus on youth employment and targets 18-24 years old. This is structured as a partnership between government and the private sector, where government will provide incentives to the private sector placement firms to recruit, prepare and place young people into private sector jobs.

Getting the nation working is one of the ANC`s priorities, and we all need to partner with government to make this a reality.