Kgora Centre helps NW Farmers Grow

The ANC led government is committed to supporting the emerging farmers in a form of financial support and training needs. This will help them on the road to sustainability and profitability. Small and emerging farmers in the North West can now attend basic hatchery management training at the government-owned Kgora Farmer Training Centre near Mahikeng. This Farmer Training Centre has a list of skills development courses offered at this centre for beginners and experienced farmers to improve their results. The centre now offers on-farm practical work for participants interested in owning a hatchery, which includes the biology of fertile-egg production, fertile-egg handling, setter and hatcher environment, processing day-old chicks, and hatchery bio-security.

This Training centre is equipped with the modern infrastructure to train and develop local farmers. The main goal is to ensure that farmers constantly learn new and old practices and adapt to changes in the sector. The centre also offers other courses such as vegetable, crop, egg, and chicken farming. Many of the courses are practical, but business management, record keeping, and monetary management skills are also taught, The facility is the only one of its kind in the region and has trained 1 500 potential farmers in the past financial year.