Launch of the National Sex Workers HIV Plan

Senokoanyane D

The ANC welcomes the government's launch of Africa's first plan to prevent and treat HIV among the sex workers.

As part of this new plan, which was unveiled by the Deputy President last week, our caring government will soon be providing HIV treatment to HIV-positive sex workers upon diagnosis.

It's very rare for a country to have such high-level leadership dealing with HIV among sex workers. This is a sign that the ANC-led government is determined to work together with the masses of our people to fight against the scourge of HIV.

According to the plan, all the HIV-negative sex workers will also receive the combination of ARV Truvada to prevent contracting HIV. When taken daily as pre-exposure prophylaxis, Truvada can reduce a person risk of contracting HIV by 90 percent.

This is further evidence that the ANC-led government is serious in tackling the challenges of HIV and AIDS and that prevention and treatment in this regard continues to break new ground.

I thank you