Makuleke residents sign up for set-top boxes

Nkadimeng MF

The ANC commends the progress made in the registration of government subsidised set-top boxes in Makuleke village, in Limpopo. The rise in the STBs registration is as results of the intervention of the Minister of Communications' request to SABC to delink TV licences as a requirement for the STBs registration process.

STBs are the requirement necessary for viewers to keep on watching TV, as South Africa makes the switch from analogue to digital broadcasting, a process which is key for opening up more frequencies and faster mobile broadband services. With Digital migration, viewers will be able to see TV, and enjoy good picture quality and sound.

In this regard the ANC Government is committed to give free STBs to five million indigent households across the country. So far hundreds of poor TV-owning households have already registered to get their government subsidised STBs.

The ANC believes moving to Digital migration will create a new broadcasting landscape that will increase the role of Free to Air television to meet the needs and aspirations of all South Africans.