Meeting Between ANC Chief Whip And Sudanese Parliamentarians

28 October 2009

The Chief Whip of the African National Congress in Parliament, Dr. Mathole Motshekga, today met delegates from Sudan’s National Assembly and the Southern Sudan Legislative Assembly in Parliament, Cape Town. The Members of the two legislative institutions in Sudan, who belong mainly to the two political opponents, the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement and the National Congress Party, are currently on a visit to the South African Parliament.

The objective of the meeting with the Chief Whip was to brief the ANC in Parliament on Sudan’s precarious political situation and to familiarise themselves with the political management system of the ANC as the majority party in this institution.

The Sudanese delegation reaffirmed the view that a viable solution that will ensure total peace and stability in Sudan was necessary and that all opposing parties in that country were looking on Africa, particularly South Africa, for guidance on this matter. The parties were in agreement that the contents of the watershed Comprehensive Peace Agreement, which was signed in 2005 and brought to an end years of civil war, must be implemented speedily to ensure peaceful coexistence of the Northern and the Southern factions in Sudan.

Chief Whip Dr Motshekga reaffirmed the ANC’s commitment to the creation of peaceful political situation in that country and its resolve to continue to play its role in ensuring a sustainable power sharing system and maintenance of dialogue and reconciliation amongst the opposing parties.

“It is important that the upcoming elections in our sister country happens in an environment that is conducive to peaceful, free and fair elections. The Comprehensive Peace Agreement created the basis for the reconstruction and development of Sudan as a viable, stable and democratic federal state and its comprehensive implementation is important not only for Sudan but the rest of the African continent. It is important that all the people of Sudan respect and embrace each other’s diverse cultures, religion, languages and ethnicity,” remarked Dr. Motshekga.

Mindful that the unstable political situation in Sudan is, amongst other things, brought by religious intolerance, the meeting agreed that in addition to the current political interventions South Africa is advancing in Sudan, it was also necessary that our country’s religious community play active an role in fostering peace and reconciliation, particularly in the critical period leading to the scheduled Sudanese national elections.

It was agreed that Sudan’s Peace and Reconciliation Committee, which is located within both the Southern Sudan Legislative Assembly and the National Assembly, will consider urgent engagement with interfaith forums such as our Parliament’s Interfaith Group and other extra Parliamentary bodies such as the National Interfaith Leadership Council (NILC). Further inter parliamentary interactions in this regard are important.

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