More people turn to clinics: D. Kekana

17 November 2011

The ANC is pleased by the news that there is a vast number of people who are showing confidence in Gauteng`s primary health care facilities, with more than three million people having visited these facilities in the last quarter of the current financial year.

According to the records, between April and June 2011, 3 598 447 patients under the age of five were treated at primary health care facilities and the number increased between July and September 2011, to 3 817 948. The number of visits also increased from 689 606 in the first quarter for patients older than five years to 712 167 in the second quarter.

The ANC is overjoyed that people are now responding to a call to seek medical assistance at clinics and to only visit hospitals on referral. However the ANC, urges more people to use the appropriate levels of care to avoid inconveniences such as long queues.

The Department is aiming for an increase before the end of this financial year to five million for patients under the age of five and one million for those over the age of five.