Motion celebrating the success of successful ZACube - 2 Nanosatellite

The African National Congress moves without notice: That the House

1) celebrates the launch and success of the ZACube-2 nanosatellite's first transmission of images showing the busy traffic flow of vessels along the continent's most lucrative coastline, on Tuesday, February 26, 2019;
2) notes that the launch of ZACube-1 and [now] ZACube-2 was developed to help monitor the traffic of vessels along the coastline as part of the country's oceans economy;
3) expresses its gratitude to the Cape Peninsula University of Technology and its partners for this huge achievement;
4) also appreciates the commitment and the enthusiasm of the team of young students who built very innovative electronics here in South Africa, and who worked for approximately two years on the project;
5) further appreciates the role of the Department of Science and Technology for working with other government departments, including the Department of Environmental Affairs, for the funding of R16 million to work with CPUT and other industry partners for the success of this project; and
6) wishes the CPUT more success with their new endeavours in their development of a further three satellites towards the complete Marine Domain Awareness (MDA) constellation, expected to be ready for its launch in 2020.