Motion Comemmorating Struggle Icon Steve Biko

The African National Congress moves without notice: That the House

  1. notes that  12  September 2019  marked 42 years  since Steve Bantu Biko was killed;
  2. further notes that Steve Bantu Biko succumbed to multiple injuries sustained while in police custody having travelled in the back of police van from Port Elizabeth to Pretoria, naked, manacled,  and unconscious;
  3. recalls that Biko was  critical to the formation of student movements such as the South African Students Organisation , in 1968, which had been formed as a Black alternative to the liberal National Union of South African Students;
  4. recognises that his inspirational quotes played a pivotal role in conscientising the Black masses to love themselves without inhibitions, which is still relevant today;
  5. further recognises  that Steve Biko  was a  fearless and outspoken and most recognisable member of the Black Consciousness Movement who confronted the apartheid government, mainly on students' grievances; and
  6. calls upon South Africans to continue to commemorate Steve Biko, spread his message in order to keep his memory alive, as his teachings are still relevant and can contribute a great deal to the national dialogue.