The African National Congress moves without notice: That the House


  1. notes that multi-award winning Port Elizabeth artist, Banele Njadayi’s favourite work of art has been sold to a collector in Washington;

  2. further notes that his piece of art entitled, “The Guardian” was inspired by his childhood and his grandmother who raised him;

  3. understands that the piece, which Banele, refers to as “from my heart’s deepest corners to the world”, depicts a South African gogo wearing an orange polo neck, a colourful skirt, pants and granny slippers, while carrying a young child on her back, is more than just art to him;

  4. further understands that the piece reminded him of his grandmother, Nobandla Landu, who raised him from a young age and whom he recalls as a kind person who had a positive outlook on everything;

  5. acknowledges that Njadayi has more than 15 pieces of artwork which have gone international;

  6. congratulates him on his inspirational work and wishes him well in his future endeavours.