Motion on SA Scientist Prof Abdool Karim Appointed Co-Chair Of Un Group of Experts


The African National Congress moves without notice: That the House


  1. notes that a top SA scientist Prof Abdool Karim has been appointed to serve on the UN high-level 10-member group in support of the technology facilitation mechanism to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals on Thursday 13th May 2021;

  2. further notes that Prof Karim Abdool Karim will co-chair the group of renowned experts for two years;

  3. understands that the group will advise on ways of harnessing science, technology and innovation to accelerate progress on the goals;

  4. acknowledges that he is joining eminent and distinguished individuals from civil society, the private sector and the scientific community who were appointed by the Secretary General following an extensive selection process; and integral partner on the UN global agenda on Science, Innovation and Technology;

  5. congratulates Professor Karim on this prestigious and distinguished appointment that positions SA positively.