Motion without notice by the ANC Chief Whip on the appointment of Justice Dikgang Moseneke as Wits Chancellor

19 September 2006

I move without notice, that the House;

That on Thursday 7th September the University of the Witwatersrand {Wits University} announced the appointment of Deputy Chief Justice of South Africa, Justice Dikgang Moseneke, as the new Chancellor of the University;

Further noting;
That when the announcement was made Justice Edwin Cameron, said, ".the University is privileged to have one public figure of very high distinction and personal calibre succeeded by another";

That the Deputy Chief Justice served a term of ten years in Robben Island, while there he obtained his BA Degree majoring in English and Political Science and B Luris degree. This was to be the start of his legal career;

Justice Dikgang Moseneke on his appointment as a Chancellor and believe and know that you will serve the institution with vigor and determination.

The Deputy Chief Justice continuing success in his new post.