Motion without notice by the Chief Whip on the passing of former Minister of Intelligence Joseph Mbuku Nhlanhla

19 August 2008

I move without notice that the House

With sadness the death on Wednesday 2 July 2008 of the former Minister of Intelligence Joseph Mbuku Nhlanhla;  

That the fall of this stalwart and great leader of the liberation movement  after long illness marks an end of a life spent in pursuit of the goals of the struggle for freedom. Once freedom was achieved, his became a life dedicated to ensuring that our country was stable and secured. His life speaks of dedication to the goal of creating a South Africa that truly belonged to all who live in it;

The great contribution that the late Joe Nhlanhla made as a Member of Parliament from 1994 to 2001; and,

That he has discharged his responsibilities with dedication, discipline, diligence and humility.

It’s condolences to the Nhlanhla family and the African National Congress.