Motion without Notice by Honourable Chief Whip Nosipho Ntwanambi on the DA

26 October 2010

Chairperson, I give notice that in the next sitting of the Council I shall move:

That the Council-

  • Notes, with utter disdain, reports that the South Gauteng leader of the DA, Dot Corrigan, receives two salaries from two different municipalities in the provinces - one as a councillor in the City of Johannesburg, and the other as an official and senior municipal director in the DA-run Midvaal Municipality;
  • Further notes that when asked about the two salaries in light of vast unemployment, Corrigan dismissed the queries as professional jealousy; and lastly
  • Takes this opportunity to condemn in the strongest possible terms the blatant looting of public funds and the silence of the DA which has professed the moral high ground on issues of good governance that clearly shows its biasness and inability to deal with its self-enrichment and looting of public funds.

I so move!