Motion without Notice by Honourable Masefa Dikgale on the National Responsible Gambling Programme

09 November 2010

I hereby move without notice:

That the Council-

  • Notes that the National Responsible Gambling Programme has released results of a survey showing that people are more at risk from informal gambling with dice, cards and farfel, than those betting on horses or playing a slot machine at a casino;
  • Further notes that the survey shows that 19% of the country`s gamblers gamble at informal venues, 12% in casinos and 68% play the lottery and that in the common gambling areas, such as White City Jabavu and Javela Park in Johannesburg, people are betting with their houses, cars and even wives or partners to fuel their gambling addictions;
  • Takes this opportunity to call on structures, such as the South African Council on Responsible Gambling, the National Responsible Gambling Programme, and the National Gambling Board to create more programmes to raise awareness about the dangers of informal gambling; and
  • Calls on the South African Police and the Metro police to put a war against this repulsive modernised slavery which is a gross violation of the rights of the women and children used for betting.

I thank you!