Motion Without Notice:

Ms M. W. Makgate moved without notice that the Council:-

1. Notes that a study commissioned by the Department of Higher Education and Training conducted in 21 universities with 25000 respondents, found worrying trends about the prevalence of HIV and AIDS in the country`s higher education sector with the Eastern Cape University Students having the highest number of HIV and AIDS prevalence compared to other provinces with universities and that female students are more likely to contract HIV and AIDS at Varsity compared to their male counter parts;

2. Acknowledges that this study has demonstrated an urgent need for universities and the Department of higher Education and Training to implement robust strategic interventions to raise awareness and responsible sexual behaviour among university students; and

3. Takes this opportunity to call on the Minister of Higher Education and Training and the vice-chancellors of our higher education sector to ensure that the higher education sector establishes an HIV and AIDS strategy to address the concerning levels of HIV and AIDS exposure in our higher education sector, especially by people who hold the potential for the advancement of the growth of our national skills and expertise pool.

I so move!