MOTION ON Young female astronomer aims to empower the next generation

The African National Congress moves without notice: That the House

  1. notes with pride the talent of a young female Astronomer Tebogo Bestina Mashile who is passionate about astrophysics and mathematics and is making strides in a field long dominated by men;

  2. remembers that at 33 years old she is the proud holder of a BSc (Physics, Chemistry and Applied Mathematics) and BSc Honours in Applied Mathematics, a BSc Honours in Astrophysics and Space Science, and a recently completed MSc in Astrophysics;

  3. acknowledges that she is not stopping at four degrees, but is currently registering for her PhD in Astrophysics with the University of the Witwatersrand;

  4. recalls that when studying for her Honours in Astrophysics and Space Science, not only was she the only black student, but also the only woman in a group of 17 students;

  5. believes that her achievements and commitment will encourage and empower the next generation; and

  6. congratulates her on her achievement at a young age.